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I’m originally from New York and made my way to the Northern Neck 27 years ago via Washington DC. Since graduating from college I’ve been regularly in contact with highly creative people and I think “some of that rubbed off.”

My sister has been a fine artist for 35 years and I’ve been instrumental in placing her work with art consultants and galleries all over the United States. I’ve also been a helpful critic and a cheering squad.sealing them either on canvas or on board. These are individual paintings, sometimes with a touch of collage.


Kathryn Murray

While first out of college I lived in NYC for ten years. During that time I worked in design-related firms. First, Lord, Geller, Federico, a boutique advertising agency that handled such clients as Elizabeth Arden, Napier, Tiffany, Steinway and The New Yorker. Thereafter, with Knoll International, a furniture design/manufacturing company, perhaps best known for their Bauhaus designs. While at Knoll a lot of new design activity was ongoing with Gwathmey Siegle, Joe D’Urso, Richard Meier being some of the talent involved. My last NYC job was working with Murry Gelberg who had been the 3-dimensional design person with Milton Glaser on Sesame Street. We designed interiors for restaurants, banks and retail, and also had a number of National Park Service locations to design contracts. With each position my job was account management or work flow overseer, not the creative side, although I did sit in on creative brainstorming and weekly meetings. (During this time I lived in Soho as it was just beginning to get gentrified. A very dynamic time for that area.)

In the last 10 years I’ve been exhibiting photography locally and entering shows out of state—photography that focuses on foggy, moody, almost-etheral moments one can experience here—mostly near local rivers. It is sensitive work which exhibits my favorite moments of the day, early morning and early evening when the light and colors are most sensitive.

A collage course taken four years ago at the Rappahannock Art League in Kilmarnock (with Rose Nygaard, a terrific colorist) triggered a new direction for me. The results are the abstract paintings exhibited here. These pieces are created by painting on tissue paper and mounting and sealing them either on canvas or on board. These are individual paintings, sometimes with a touch of collage.

The tissue paper paintings often come about as a kind of meditation at the end of the day. This quiet time often enable me to wipe away all thoughts and be in the moment. Color, shape, motion....are all forces.


Available Pieces

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