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Peter Fahrney Self

Peter Fahrney


I have always been fascinated by the play of light on the water.  Only recently, have I discovered the effect of light on color. 

Like many photographers of my vintage, I began my work with black and white, seeing the images and then developing them in a dark room with various chemical and silver emulsified photographic paper. The vivid contrasts that often are startling in their intensity are there to be seen and captured.  Color photography in those early years of my hobby was in early stages of development and out of reach for many photo enthusiasts.  Now most of my work originates as digital color images, later to be converted to black & white, as my mind sees it.

My attention is focused on the Potomac River, where I live, and on the watermen, and sometimes women, who work the River for its harvest of fish, crabs and oysters.  It is hard work, specialized to those of have the persistence and the temperament for such.  They are unique individuals to the man (or woman), hardy and dedicated.


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