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Ripples and Swirls

Ripples and Swirls


Photographer Peter Fahrney

Ripples and Swirls

Digital Archival Photo, 11x14


I was invited to that a “Booze Cruise” on the Rappahannock River one evening.  There was no destination, just meandering along the serpentine and complex river at a very slow speed with friends.   On one of the bends in the River, I noticed the wake of the boat caused a repetitive and continues pattern on the flat calm water, and quickly took the photo with my pocket camera (Canon Alpha 190 IS) set on automatic mode.

It wasn’t until after I had the photo processed and enlarged that I saw the intricacies that I had missed with the shot.  The ridges and swirls were in deep contrast with the dark, even black, swirls in the trough of the light wake, while the slope of the waves caught the highlights of the colors, from light blue to silver, all blending into the contour of the ripples.   Thus the title, “Ripples and Swirls”.   

Water and reflections are always to magical.  I have a lot of seemingly boring photos of just those variations.

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