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I fell in love with soft pastels about twenty years ago and have never been tempted to leave them.  The hues can range from a purple that’s darker than black to the palest yellow and in hardness from a pencil to a stick that is soft as butter.   So I work almost exclusively in soft pastel (or sometimes in graphite) and strive for work that is appealing to the viewer and is full of pure, lively color. 


Favorite subjects include still life, people, pets, florals, and landscapes.


Kathy Waltermire

I paint mostly in the studio, from live set-ups for still life or using reference photographs I’ve taken of scenes or of portrait subjects.  My usually technique is to work on sanded pastel paper, do an underpainting, and then build up layers of pastel to achieve the form, color and amount of detail desired.   This part is the most fun—solving problems of space and color to finish a pleasing painting.

 You may see my work in my studio or at shows in the area.  I offer workshops in portrait drawing and pastels and tutor students individually and occasionally judge area shows.

Available Pieces

Click on a photo below to purchase and learn more about each piece.

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