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Abstract art is like poetry is to literature.  Sometimes it doesn’t make sense but, it still makes music. Like poetry, abstract art appeals to a specialized viewer. Love it or hate a work, both are good.  To have no reaction… it is probably not good art. It should also stand on its’ own, whether you understand anything about the reason, technique, or meaning.

I like to take risks, letting only color walk me through my senses… experiencing the absolute power of this experience.  I work mostly in watercolor and do sketches of people often to practice really seeing.   Large mixed media abstracts are my favorite art form but do them less often. In all mediums I strive to express a fusion of emotions and color harmony.


As a Washington D. C. native, I attended Corcoran School of Art in my teens and Maryland School of Art and Design in my twenties as well as NOVA (Northern Virginia Community College) in my 30’s. Later I taught art in continuing education classes at the Sterling Virginia campus.  I was the children’s instructor at Leesburg Academy of the Arts and taught many adult classes in drawing as well as watercolor there.

I am Past President and a founding member since 2003 of Colonial Beach Artists Guild in Colonial Beach, VA.  I opened the first gallery in town inspiring many others to follow. I am very proud to have helped Colonial Beach become an art mecca for artists, residents, and visitors.

Available Pieces

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This group of paintings all have a connection in that each one represents different groups of works at the time of exploration of the materials, boundaries, theme or colors. All of them are teaching me what infinity ♾ 
Might look or feel like. A broader space in time that I can't really see but I know it.

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