Wendy Young

McSnarlin Arts

In my mind, "Habitually Creative" is a more accurate description for myself than "Artisitic". Ever since I can remember, my hands have insisted on making things from other things.


I adore working with as many dimensions as possible, pushing the limits of any material's traditional use, and creating characters from unlikely sources.

I have a background in entertaining and storytelling and come from a large family where laughter and sarcasm are spoken fluently. While obtaining a degree in Psychology at Virginia Commonwealth University with a penchant for statistics (!) in my early 30's, I minored in Sculpting from the amazing program there. For a good part of my life, I've been obsessed with quietly observing relations between humans... to the point that one might say I've got an additional Honorary Degree in People Watching! 


My work (play?) intersects and winds through all of these parts of me. My dad used to say "Wendy doesn't mind doing things the hard way". I always heard those words as a compliment, as well as a challenge. While my big sister was a "Proper Artist" I was more of a mad scientist/inventor type with a head full of "why's" and "what if's". Who could have imagined the wonderful creative roads that these combined attributes would lead me? McSnarlin Arts was the gradual title donned to house all of my creative ventures and it is under this colorful umbrella I invite you to traverse the path with me.


I hope you will enjoy meeting the many characters that have been conceived under the (sometimes blind!) guidance of my busy hands and my larger-than-life imagination. They're each set to find their forever home amidst smiles, bright light and laughter. They told me secretly that they hoped YOU would be the one. 


Available Pieces

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