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Rob Rudick


My journey as a photographer has taken me from black and white street film photography to digital photography, with an emphasis on color, shape, sheer beauty, and whimsy. I see the world around me, as if it was through the lens of a camera.  Pictures leap out at me, crying to be taken.  The challenge for me as a photographer is to accurately replicate the feeling I had when I took the photograph and to provide a perspective that attracts the audience’s attention repeatedly.

My portfolio is as varied as my eye.  I take the same approach when photographing landscapes, architecture, flowers, interiors, exteriors, landscapes, antique cars, or objects that we see every day.

I’ve been showing pictures of Colonial Beach here at the AA Gallery.  These pictures are thematically similar and are consistent with my general artistic elements of color, shape, and mood, and also consistent with my shooting exteriors and autos.

Available Pieces

Click on a photo below to purchase and learn more about each piece.

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