Yo-yo King Crab

Yo-yo King Crab


Artist Wendy Young

Yo-yo King Crab, Sculpture

6” Tall

This piece was created with Potomac River finds. He is one of a collection created by Wendy Young called The Potomac River Faeries. Each of the Faeries have their own personality and story, and each is signed and numbered by the artist.


He was born into royalty. His father, the King was very serious, and discouraged the young prince from all frivolity. As the young prince grew, he tried his best to be serious and kingly, he struggled to leave behind his yoyo and his knock knock jokes and don a more superior aire. When he became King at the age of 17 however, he was encouraged by his mentor, the King's trusted advisor, to be the type of King that agreed with his heart.  And that is how he became the most trusted and adored King, as people of the Land found their silliness and carefree attitudes were once again welcomed at the royal palace. Now, 10 years later, there he sits on his throne ...the yoyo king crab ...with a smile in his eyes and laughter surrounding him wherever he goes. ...and though the story is far from over, so far it appears it just may be the Happy Ever After he sought as a boy.