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Upstairs at Smittys

Upstairs at Smittys


Photographer Rob Rudick

Upstairs at Smittys. 16x20, digital photograph on canvas,  is the premier barbecue place in Lockhart Texas, the barbecue capital of Texas. Its halfway between Austin and San Antonio. I asked a local policeman in Lockhart, where Kreutze's (the other barbecue place in town) was located. He said, "you didn't hear this from me, but you want to go to Smitty's." It was hard to beat. Massive slabs of brisket, steak, and loops (sausage) cut atop tree trunks, onto wax paper. Meals are eaten communally at picnic tables, unless you get food to go, which gets you a piece of masking tape across the wax paper. The canvas printing is lovely and gives it a moody feeling.

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