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Johnson House, Panorama Rd

Johnson House, Panorama Rd


Artist Barbara Brennan

Johnson House, Panorama Rd


Yes, it's a pretty amazing place! It's listed and described on page 86 of Historic Sites in Virginia's Northern Neck and Essex County, edited by Thomas A. Wolf.

It was built before the Civil War and was owned by Hyram and Susan Johnson in the 20th century. I met a couple of their nieces at a show I had of abandoned farm houses in the Northern Neck in 2015 at Jarrett Thor Gallery. Their granddaughter commissioned me to paint a version based on a 1980s photograph she sent me. She had very fond memories of visiting her grandparents there. It's in terrible shape now, and I won't be surprised if it collapses soon. I photograph it every so often when I drive by to record its condition. This one was taken in 2020.


There are many abandoned 19th-century homes in the Northern Neck, several on Panorama Road leading to Montross. I wish I could save them all and turn them into museums. The stories they could tell!

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