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"Black And White And" Photography by Rob Rudick, March 2022

Updated: Jul 15, 2022

"Black And White And" Photography by Rob Rudick

Goes Retro for the ART WALK in March

The Artists’ Alliance (AA) at Jarrett Thor Fine Arts proudly presents Rob Rudick's dramatic show of photography entitled “Black And White And.” Although his recent work is best known for its color, Rob returns to his original roots as a black and white photographer, only occasionally incorporating a splash of color into his images. Don't miss this exciting show this in March.

This show opens Friday, March 11, from 6-9 pm. and runs through April 3. Artists' Alliance Gallery is located at 100 Taylor St., Suite 101, in Colonial Beach. The public is invited free of charge. Gallery hours are Saturday – Sunday, 11-5. For information call 804 224-7200, 804 224- 6007, or 301 452-1333. Please wear a mask if you are not vaccinated for COVID.

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