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Mary Wenz


I am a firm believer that the foundation of creativity is emotion. I’ve learned that it is most important to allow ourselves to feel everything, the wonderful and the devastating


When I have my camera in my hand, I prefer to photograph “life”; human emotion or wildlife emotion, aiming to capture what I feel rather than what I see. I am always moved by the overwhelming waves of feelings in every wedding, or by the silence to sudden eruption of activity in the dynamics of a herd of wild horses, a child playing, or the birds in my yard

I love color and movement, together or separately; flowing fabrics on a dancer or on the wind, the color of glass, trinkets and collected memories in a mosaic, or the movement of driftwood


During a very sad time in my life, I found myself wandering the cold winter beaches here. I was drawn to some lovely driftwood pieces that danced for me ... or seemed to be the missing parts of a whole, only to return in search of connections. Now, two years later, I have a yard full of possibilities.


Some of the pieces used in my driftwood horse, “Hope” were collected those days. The name is twofold; not only for the literal definition, but because “Hope” was my horse who will always have my heart, each of them with the suggestion of a heart on their forehead.


I was born and raised in NY. I have a background in theatre and studied music for a bit. I moved to Fredericksburg 15 years ago where I raised horses and chickens and fell in love with that wonderful little world before landing in Colonial Beach, where I am now falling in love with all that I am finding here


Available Pieces

Click on a photo below to purchase and learn more about each piece.

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