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Liana Joy Carter Pivirotto


I have always been an artist. “Creativity is my passion.” I have taken art courses from the 7th grade to College, with various classes added throughout my lifetime. My careers were as a Graphic Artist (pre-Computers), and a Kitchen and Bath Designer, I am now retired. I am one of the founders of The Virginia Heritage Annual Fine Art and Crafts Show, which is going into its 12th season. I am President of Brush Strokes Art Gallery in Fredericksburg.

I paint, craft and stipple pen and ink with pastels and watercolor. I am now creating unique one of kind necklaces from the odd shapes and varied materials of ancient artifacts, vintage artifacts to minerals, fossils, semi precious stones and old fragments of metal, clay, glass.


The challenge is to encrust them with beautiful glass beads and crystals, sculpting around the odd and varied shapes. I hold the piece and sew each bead and crystal one at a time, creating “something beautiful out of something ugly”. The average times to create these works are 3 hours to 6 weeks.

I have been honored to have had my necklaces accepted for show in various Fine Art Galleries in Virginia and West Palm Beach Florida, and am grateful to have won honors; First Prize, 3rd Prize and People’s Choice Awards. I have shown my Acrylics and Stipplings in Various Fine Art Shows around the Fredericksburg area, winning various honors.

Available Pieces

Click on a photo below to purchase and learn more about each piece,

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