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Carolyn Goodridge

Carolyn Goodridge


Through synesthesia, I hear and feel the resonance of color as sound, subtle vibration.  Blue, for me, points to space and time in a spectrum of energy.  Blue is an occurrence recorded by my senses.  Theoretical physicist, Dr. Michio Kaku, who founded the “String Theory” says our world is made up of vibrating strings.  He says, “The Mind of God is music resonating in eleven dimensions throughout hyperspace!”  I experience the color blue as a phenomenon which lies within a dimension of being within which I can travel through.  For me, all theories point to musical resonance.  The ideas that inform my work are Eastern philosophy, Western science and my frequent dreams, exploring the cosmos.

Scientific language is now beginning to sound like the teachings of the ancient spiritual masters.  I am a seeker of truth, interested in the spiritual side of science.  Using natural beeswax, raw pigments and glass, my paintings on glass panels, micro-thin slate and wood further my attempts to balance Eastern with Western values.  Permanence, grandeur, symmetry, perfection blend with seemingly spontaneous natural, organic forms.  Contrast is introduced not only between organic and geometric shapes, smooth and rough texture, but also on dull and reflective surfaces.  


Who inspires me? Mark Tobey, Rothko and Still, Hofmann, Kandinsky, Kleé, John Cage, Judd and Ravi Shankar.    
What inspires me?  Life, music and color.  In the process of painting, I discovered that spontaneity is a window to authenticity.   The idea for "The Wayfarer Series" is that the process of individuality, knowing yourself is a journey in itself.  I find joy and reverence in visceral energy…like the sun, wind, rain, earth. Imagine the forces of nature in the act of creating life. I want to capture the wonder of our universe, its radiance and intelligence in my paintings, and do it with drama and emotion.  


Born in Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago, West Indies October 21, 1960, Carolyn Sharon Goodridge immigrated to New York at age two.  Goodridge was developing skills in music and art, and interests in spiritual philosophies before age 12.  After graduating high school she became a resident at the Chogye International Zen Center, a Korean Zen Temple in Manhattan.  In 1990 she left NY to study art full time, receiving a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 1993 from the University of Florida, Gainesville and a Master of Fine Arts from University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill in 1997. 


Goodridge is an abstract painter inspired by music and color.  She paints with encaustics (pigmented beeswax) and brings a rich integration of spiritual philosophy with modern science and ancient psychology. The paintings' titles are constructed from personal interpretations of dreams, classic texts such as the I Ching, the Tao Te Ching, the Upanishads, and essays on quantum theory. The imagery is intended to stimulate the intuitive and emotional sensitivities and point the viewer to a higher consciousness of light and love and the power of healing by the spirit.


Goodridge has exhibited in distinguished spaces such as the U.S. Embassy in Rome, Italy, and the New York Guggenheim Museum.  She is an independent curator, Founder and  Executive Director of Art Impact® International, Inc., a non-profit organization dedicated to edifying, empowering, and nurturing artists to continue to enrich and inspire humanity. The artist is dedicated to the preservation of creativity, past, present, and future.

Available Pieces

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